Space XY slot machine in an online casino

Space XY is an online game where you can use cryptocurrency. This is the main convenience: you do not need to transfer or withdraw money from a crypto wallet, and you can immediately use it in the game.

The second point of attraction for players is the opportunity to get a breather from the usual games and slots.
The game will run on any device, from computers to phones, with the only thing being necessary is Internet access.

What is the Space XY game?

The game is quite simple, but requires good reactions and, in principle, luck. On the screen, you need to monitor the actions of the rocket and decide when you want to click on the result. When the game starts, a coordinate field appears on the screen.

The rocket takes off from zero and begins to rapidly gain altitude. Obviously, the higher the coordinates, the higher the payout will be. The bet is multiplied by the numerical value of the coordinates. The game is totally transparent and the whole system of determining winnings by high multipliers is absolutely fair.

The game is in the style of the famous arcades of the 80s with a minimalist design, but the levels are very interesting and keep you in suspense all the time. In addition, you can change tactics and challenge yourself creatively.

Potential balance and winnings can be constantly varied. The game is suitable for both beginners and experienced players as it includes values ​​from 0.1 to 1000 coins per round.

Features of Space XY

  • Simple gameplay mechanics: the interface includes not only settings, the playing field and the control panel, but also statistics,
  • A wide betting line with a really huge range of values ​​from minimal and accurate tactics to a risky game with a unique prize pool,
  • Novelty and excitement in every round. Rounds vary not only in the technical environment, but also in time limits. It’s really exciting and provides you with real prizes.
  • Sophisticated in-game controls that allow you to decide when the round will stop, when the player wants to withdraw and at which multiplier, change the values, etc.
  • It is also possible to do autospins,
  • Two bets are available to increase the chance of winning,
  • The values ​​change during the countdown.

What is the Provably Fair system?

Provably Fair translates as “provable fairness.” As is clear from the translation, this is an opportunity for each player to check how transparent each round is. The result is generated randomly and calculation is based on the actions of the first players who made bets. There are similarities in game mode with such games as Aviator, Lucky Jet, and others.

Your gaming strategy is the most important factor in winning. The task of each player is to find their own unique strategy. Once this is done empirically, winnings will regularly occur.

Therefore, it is recommended to study all the rules in advance in order to be prepared and design your own tactics.

  • Secrets of Space XY
  • Before the beginning of launch, the player can cancel everything,
  • Stakes are destroyed when the rocket explodes
  • In order to collect the winnings, just click the “collect” button,
  • It is possible to change the betting amount and use autorounds when betting,
  • Having chosen a tactic, it is better to stick to it constantly.
  • Tips about effective tactics

Taking out a multiplier at a value of 1.1 is considered a cautious tactic. Winnings will be more stable, and the strategy will work regularly.

  • Winnings x1.0 or 1.08. Such rounds are really well suited for people who are ready to calmly calculate and systematically achieve goals through a gradual increase in earnings,
  • For others, this style of play will be too boring and predictable. Such people like the golden measure, and they choose a multiplier on a range from x2 to x3. It’s not so easy to win here, but it’s much more thrilling,
  • Both the risk itself and hitting the jackpot of the desired prize that reaches up to x10,000 require even more thorough preparation and analysis.
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