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Cash or Crash could possibly be the most controversial and interesting game of the genre. Cash or Crash is a unique product made by the Funky Games hosting service. This is probably the reason why it is often confused with other games based on the same engine.

Cash or crash в 1win

The game captures the player’s attention not only for its originality, but also for its simplicity, starting from the compact main taskbar, to the amazingly animated optimization.

It is also worth noting that the crash game has a big RPT, reaching 95%. In addition to this, it has a real hundredfold multiplier (x100).

You can try your hand in this game at virtually any credible online casino, such as: PinUp, 1xBet, Parimatch and, of course, 1win.

Space is the thematic basis of Cash or Crash. For all fans of the immense infinite possibilities in gambling Cash or Crash at 1win is a great option.

Starting the game session, the player literally feels at the helm of the space shuttle, on board which their colleagues (other gamers) are doing their tasks.

Launching the shuttle may be successful, but the task is getting it to orbit. You must try to prevent it from exploding and save the pilot, who basically represents the bet. This is the main objective of the game. Timely ejection will be essential to save you from the crash.

The gamer who reacted well and took the bet multiplies it by the winning coefficient. Those who decided to take the risk, at any time can lose in the game, which will accordingly lead to incur a loss of money.

Cash or crash в 1win

The final result of each game period is generated based on a randomizer (in this case, it is a random number generator from the provider). Due to this we can conclude that 95% of winning depends on pure luck, the remaining 5% on a timely response, a careful analysis of the losing/winning periods and the selection of individual tactical solutions.

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Game Objective: How to Win at Cash or Crash?

Cash or Crash is one of the top 10 leading popular crash games in almost all online casinos. Fans of fast-paced games highlight the following two advantages: credibility and a generous RTP ratio.

The main objective of the game Cash or Crash is that the gamer makes a bet before the start, and afterwards observes and analyzes the space shuttle’s flight. This observation is made from the start right to the final explosion (the crash).

Cash or crash в 1win

The bottom line is this: analyzing the flight, the players have to perform a cash out at a certain point, but if they do not make it in time before the explosion, then the bet is lost. If the cash out is successful, the bet is multiplied by the final factor that appeared during the flight.

No one can know for sure when the shuttle crash will happen, as this process is based on the provider’s randomizer (random number generation).

However, it is possible to make a rough prediction or at least to guess. Remember, your sixth sense, initial instincts and the right tactics are your main weapons.

Be bold and make your cash out right on the verge of a crash!

Instructions on how to play Cash or Crash

It is clear that Cash or Crash is a money game, but it is different from its counterparts in its fluid gameplay. The control panel is intuitively understandable, and even a beginner would understand what to click and why.

The task bar includes three buttons, the main “Bet” button, and two secondary buttons to choose odds, “½” and “x2”. Using them, the player controls the deposit. The “Bet” button turns into “Cashout” during the course of the game, which allows you to win the bet before the crash.


There is no autopilot mode in Cash or Crash. This means that “autocashout” is not possible and the gamer must watch the flight themselves without the help of any software.

Game statistics

You can view statistics and analysis above the main panel. It looks like a solid bar and contains the previous odds (up to 30 rounds).

Based on this data, experienced gamers can make a rough estimate of which odds will be next and will there be a quick crash or can you take risks up to double-digit odds.

Among other things, the game includes a menu where the gamer controls the music of the game (on/off buttons). They can also use it to carefully study the rules of Cash or Crash and read reviews and popular questions about the game.

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