Play Jet X at an online casino

The so-called crash games are gaining more and more popularity, and one of these is Jet X. Its essence is that as long as the plane is flying, the winning ratio increases.

If the user manages to withdraw their bet before the fall, then they will be able to significantly increase their winnings. Odds are set absolutely randomly, and therefore the player will never guess when a huge win could occur.

Why is everyone so excited about Jet X?

Many users are already fed up with slots. Moreover, playing them requires a little more time than playing crash games. After all, there are times when you urgently need to finish the round, making the bonus game decline sharply. These moments are naturally very upsetting.

Jet X crash game has several key advantages:

  • Simple rules: the main thing here is to place a bet and withdraw the winnings before the plane crashes. There’s nothing complicated.
  • High odds: unlike slots, where you have to hope for a bonus game, and still win at it, Jet X gives you much more. The indicator can reach a range of x100-x200. It is enough to quickly click on the withdrawal button to receive large sums.
  • More control: the player can be cautious and withdraw the bet at low odds or wait to get to the higher rates.
  • Can be played on any device: You can play Jet X on a PC, tablet or smartphone. It will work perfectly fine anywhere you have a stable Internet.
  • Freedom to choose a bet: It varies greatly from 0.1 to 600 USD.

Incidentally, the game also has an additional jackpot. It is enough to be a little lucky to win. The bet starts from 1 credit and the odds are higher than 1.5.

How to play Jet X?

You need to register on the gaming club website. After that, you need to replenish your deposit with real funds. Jet X can be played to win real money or virtual currency. However, registration is required in any case.

After that, you need to place a bet, indicating its size. You can also enable automatic play. In this case, the system itself will complete the process when a certain coefficient is reached.

You can play Jet X at gaming clubs such as 1win, Pin Up, PariMatch and Cbet, but please pay attention to the rules of the game before you start it.

Are there strategies to efficiently win at Jet X?

There are several strategies that you can use:

  • Fixing the win rate: you make two bets, where one is automatic on the indicator of 1.5 while the second is free.
  • Furthermore, the second should be half the first. For example, if you bet on a coefficient of 1.5-10 c.u., then the second is 5 c.u. and make an entrance on indicators x1-x1.09. You take out the second bet on x2, and if this doesn’t work, then the next one you make on x3, etc.
  • You don’t need to play more than 4 rounds. In addition, do not change the size of the bet itself. Also, within the framework of this strategy, you can use another bet, x10. The bottom line is that you need to bet at the start of each level, when the hundredth part of the odds starts from “0”. Then, you get a high chance of achieving x10 during the next 4 rounds.
  • Carrying out a withdrawal with a multiplier from x2 to x3. Allows you to cover up for failures in case you lose. The percentage of winnings gives you an average of about 40%. Plus, the rates must be set.

Martingale strategy: this strategy is used in numerous cases, such as sports betting or slots. The idea is to double your bet every time you lose. In the case of Jet X, it works like this: set auto-withdrawal to x2.0. Make the minimum bet. If you lose, increase it by 2 times. Keep doing this until you win.

The essence of this last strategy is to cover the entire loss you had incurred with your next bet. However, it is quite risky, and therefore set a loss limit for yourself. This will help you stop at the right moment.

Approximately 8 rounds in a row, the desired odds should be made. You will recover the losses and make a profit. However, it is really crucial not to make big bets right away.

For the strategy to be a winning one, look at the day’s history. How often the jet explodes on the values ​​you want to reach. This way you can predict the outcome. You can calculate the break-even point by dividing 100 by the desired ratio.

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