Rocket X game for money

In the last few years, there has been a special popularity in online casinos with the aim of playing and winning in crash games. The point is to cash out your bet within a time limit to make money before the event “crashes,” which means losing your bet.

This could be a rocket explosion, an airplane taking off after accelerating down the runway, and so on. One of the games gaining wide popularity is Rocket X.

You can play Rocket X on the online casino website 1win. Register in a way that is convenient for you and deposit the desired amount of money.

Rocket X 1win

Crash game Rocket X immediately gained popularity among fans of this type of gambling. This is easy to explain. The development process, performed by the company 1Play, which has sufficient experience in the field of gambling entertainment, was a very creative one.ROCKET-X Promotion Code: SANDIEGO

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The game is divided into rounds, each one is dynamic and quite fast. Furthermore, the ability to use different strategies to increase the chances of winning attracts not only fans of the genre but also new players.

A special feature can also be considered, which is the fact that any player can just watch a game with the participation of real users of the site, and can join the same game at any convenient moment.

Each participant decides for themselves when they should enter the game and when to stop. Thanks to this you can design a fairly effective strategy that can either bring regular small winnings, or alternatively, allows you to hit the jackpot and feel ecstatic.

Rocket X game by Elon Musk

This game can be called an Elon Musk game based on its name, as the rocket gradually takes off on the player’s screen, and the famous Western businessman hangs on to it until the explosion occurs.

Of course, Elon had nothing to do with the creation of this game, but his cameo can be considered one of the reasons for the popularity of Rocket X.

Furthermore, the following advantages can be noted:

  • Thrill: the game contains a great mixture of excitement and adrenaline. Each round is generated completely randomly, making result forecasting almost impossible. This allows players to experience a huge range of emotions, from the bitterness of losing at the beginning to hitting a huge jackpot after taking a great risk.
  • The ability to independently choose the right moment to exit from the game is also one of the advantages adding to the emotional rollercoaster.
    Transparency: each player can independently check the results of any round and see that the special analyzing system Provably Fair tracks the results of the round and credits the accounts of the participants.
  • Similarity to top crash games: the principle of Rocket X is similar to other well-known games like Aviator and Jet X. The differences lie in the visuals and the number of features used. For fans of this type of gambling entertainment this game will be a good option to freshen this genre and get introduced to something unique within it.
  • Frequent falling out of the maximum odds: the maximum possible winning odds in the rules of the game are not determined. It is possible to get the status of “substantial” victory if the multiplier reaches the number 100 or higher. According to the test results, this coefficient drops once every several hours, and often exceeds a hundred.

The result of all rounds is recorded in a special table. This confirms the transparency of the game, as the statistics are available to any registered player.

The table shows the results of several dozen past rounds. This can be used, first, to obtain information and analyze it. Second, it can come in handy for developing your own strategy.

The advantages of the game also include a user-friendly interface: the betting panel will be located on the left side of the screen if you use a personal computer, or at the bottom, when playing through a mobile device.

Rocket X will run easily on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The operating system used does not matter; it would be sufficient that it was released in 2016 or later. On all devices, the list of functions used and available is the same.

How do I play and win at Rocket X?

The essence of the game is that in each round the rocket begins to take off. It is held tightly by a man who looks like Elon Musk, and who is excited about flying into space. The user is required to make a bet that ranges from 0.1 to 140 credits.

The following features have been added for players’ convenience:

  • AutoDelivery: allows the player to not be on their device all the time, a bet with a specified amount will be automatically made at the beginning of each round.
  • Auto Output: if during the game a certain coefficient is accumulated, the bet will be automatically sold and the winning amount will be credited to the player’s account.

The order of playing the game is simple. The player only has to enter the amount of bets and the coefficient at which to withdraw the money. After that, you can sit back and watch the gameplay.

After placing bets, the round begins. The rocket colorfully gains altitude, leaving behind a bright trail and gradually increasing odds.

If a player has not used the auto withdrawal feature, he can withdraw money at any time. The higher the coefficient indicated on the screen, the more money the user will eventually get.

You can take risks and try to constantly hit the jackpot, but the chance of losing a bet in such a case also increases. To increase the number of wins you need to be able to stop in time, as well as use different strategies and tactics.

Strategies and tactics in Rocket X

For the convenience of players, the game Rocket X has a demo mode. With its help, you can get acquainted with the gameplay and test different strategies without having to risk your own money.

Among the most popular strategies and tactics for the game are the following:

  1. A minimum game: this strategy involves playing at small odds. The user must cash out at a time when the coefficient is in the range of 1.5 to 1.8. Of course, big winnings cannot be achieved in this case, but small amounts can be made regularly.
  2. Moderate strategies: This tactic involves leaving the game at odds of 2 to 3. Regular players note that these odds are achieved in about half of all rounds, so the strategy can be considered effective.
  3. Aggressive strategies. The riskiest strategies. Users need to wait for the occurrence of a very large coefficient, a minimum of 50. Most gamblers can expect odds of 100 while experienced players say that such a result can be obtained every 1.5-2 hours. You can confirm this information yourself by viewing the results of all rounds.

A one hundred percent strategy does not exist, because the whole game is built on a random number generator. It remains to hope you’re lucky and make time to take breaks from the game at the onset of good and bad streaks.

The point of playing Rocket X

The main reasons for playing Rocket X are two. The first is to get pleasure and adrenaline, as the game is a gambling game. The second reason is the opportunity to make money, and in a fairly simple way.

The comments of players on the profile resources page obviously make it clear that with this game you can really win lots of large, respectable sums.

Where to play Rocket X and similar games

To give you an example, there are games such as:

  1. Aviator 1win
  2. Lucky Jet
  3. Space XY
  4. Cash or Crash
  5. Jet X

Since crash games are quite popular among fans of gambling entertainment, they can be found on the websites of various online casinos and betting shops.


There is no point in listing them all here. If players have doubts about the company’s credibility, it is worth reading the reviews of actual players. In addition, to start the game, it is not necessary to deposit, because you can use the demo mode first, and then gamble real money.

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